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Lonski and Associates, LLC Celebrates 11 Years of Serving the Powersports, Motorcycle and Marine Industries

“We Change Lives Every Day”

INDIALANTIC, FL (Motor Sports Newswire) — For more than 11 years Lonski and Associates has been shortening the job search process for people looking for work in the Powersports and marine industries.

Henry Lonski said, We love it when our candidates tell us: “I am finally in the Powersports industry!” – “I am now where I want to be, in the marine industry” “Motorcycles have been my ultimate passion, and now it’s my career “. Our complete and total focus is to help job applicants realize their dreams of breaking into the Powersports, motorcycle or marine industry.

If you don’t have a Powersports or marine background and yet wish to gain a foothold in this industry, is there any reason to worry? No – Because with the help of this agency, they can find your desired job. A perfect fit for you and the employer, a true Win, Win.

For every search, Lonski and Associates, LLC, bring incomparable recruitment resources and a personal commitment to excellence. Clients around the world – United States, Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe – depend on search services from the agency.

The agency is designed to create a healthy environment for people looking for a job in the Powersports, motorcycle and marine industry to network with each other and also to get in touch with employers within the industry. Lonski and Associates, LLC, is a dedicated agency through which a job seeker can share confidential information, get valuable advice and touch base with people working in our related industries.

To celebrate their 11th year Lonski and Associates’ team of eight fulltime industry specific recruiters’ mission is to continue their efforts in helping people find the perfect Powersports or marine job, for many years to come.