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Got a great candidate?
Our referral fees can pay up to $1000!

Our Referral Fee Program is based on our experience that outstanding candidates know and associate with other outstanding candidates. We want to know you and learn about the other qualified professionals you associate with.

We offer up to $1,000 as a referral fee on almost every search we conduct. The fee amount varies with the position information in our Job Openings section. If you nominate someone for an opening that has an assigned referral fee and they are ‘successfully’ hired, you will receive up to $1,000.

We want to reward you for nominating and sharing candidates that you know and have confidence in their abilities. Please review the Job Openings section often. You could be instrumental in helping someone secure a career assignment. In return, you can receive their ‘thanks’ and a referral fee.

Referral Fee $ Program Guidelines

Referrals must be submitted by email to No other form of submission will be accepted. To be valid, each referral should include the name and contact information of the person being nominated and the job code of the position being nominated for. A referral is accepted only for that position.

The nominated candidate must be willing to participate in the screening process, accept employment with our client and stay employed through the probationary period, mandatory 91 days, to be considered “successfully” hired.

Only one referral fee will be paid for each eligible assignment. In case of duplicate referrals, the earliest submission date and time will prevail.

If, for any reason, you would like your earned referral fee to be paid to a favorite or deserving charity, healthcare, faith-based, civic, support or other organization, we will honor your request. The donation will be made in your name, or name requested, and proof of the payment will be provided.

The recipient of any paid referral fee is solely responsible for any local, state or federal tax liabilities, if any apply, that might occur from having received the referral fee payment.

Referral Program is sponsored and funded by the management of V20 which retains the right to supervise the program and to make changes and revisions to the program as needed.

All referrals received that do not result in the payment of a referral fee will be entered into a consolation drawing for prizes to be conducted at the end of each calendar year. Winners will be notified by email.