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Filling Key Roles in Recreational Motorsports

The world of recreational motorsports is wide and deep. From snowmobiles to four-wheelers, owners and GMs need to fill sales, marketing, maintenance, and management roles with employees who have the highly specialized knowledge it takes to succeed in the industry.

Not only is it hard to connect with the employees who will make a lasting impact on your business, but recruiting efforts are increasingly facing competition from similar industries for the same labor pool. Machine shops, large corporations, car dealerships, and the military are just a few of the areas where skilled applicants can find jobs that pay well…

…even if they’re dreaming of working for a company like yours.

So, how do you go about finding the right candidates who are enthusiastic about recreational motorsports and dedicated to the types of roles you’re offering? We’ll go over a few of the ways you can attract top talent in a highly competitive market.

Passion Sells

For some people, recreational motorsports is a hobby, but others want to convert their love of the outdoors into a career. There’s no substitute for passion, and standout candidates typically have a long history of personal experience in addition to professional expertise.

When you’re sorting through resumes, it’s worth separating the employees who seem to work for a paycheck from those who get paid for doing what they love. Look for candidates who are eager to highlight their participation in recreational motorsports and support it with a track record of training and expertise. And, of course, a few actual records set on a dirt track don’t hurt either!

Also, one of the best ways to fill key jobs is to recruit from the field itself, and that’s where a dedicated recreational motorsports recruiter can make a huge difference. They know exactly what businesses like yours are looking for, and they have a deep reservoir of employee and employer contacts they can draw from.

It’s Not Always About a Paycheck

These days, businesses that offer top-level benefits are in a position to make employment a value-added proposition. Because recreational motorsports roles that are engaging and fulfilling don’t come along every day, a great candidate is often willing to trade off a little income for their ideal career. As a business owner who’s got to make every penny count, highlighting a few key benefits is a great way to say “We want you!” without breaking the bank:

  • Scheduled pay raises: Knowing what the salary structure looks like over time is a very important way to pair opportunity and performance.
  • Flexible benefit packages: A set list of benefits for every employee is not always the best path. Offering a mix of benefits employees can choose from will be attractive for candidates based on their unique life circumstances. And remember: many people in your industry work hard and play hard, so this can be a big differentiator.
  • Loan repayment/tuition assistance plans leverage candidates’ concerns over some of the biggest millstones around anyone’s neck: college loans and the expense of continuing education.
  • Life Insurance: Long careers and stable families often go together, and life insurance represents a good opportunity to stand out.
  • Employee discounts: Most folks you’re looking to hire are going to be in love with—and actively involved in—the world of recreational motorsports. Making their passion less expensive is a wonderful bonus, builds their knowledge and experience, and increases your sales at the same time!

Avoid Faceless Job Websites

Recreational motorsports is anything but general, and your recruiting efforts will need to avoid the huge online job boards that cater to every industry on the planet at once. They can offer a lot of volume, but without having the tools or know-how to separate the ordinary from the extraordinary they’ll just create more work and headaches for you.

Especially for enthusiasts looking to start a career, these sites are often a turn-off for prospects who would be excellent fits. They make it hard to highlight their unique talents, and many of the job listings are obsolete, overly general, or fraudulent. They’re much more likely to go through a dedicated recruiter with experience in the field, and that’s another reason why employers should be working with qualified recruiting partners as well.

Partner With a Great Recruiter

Connecting with employees who will make all the difference for a recreational motorsports business is rewarding. However, without help, it can be too much work while you’re also trying to run your company. An industry-specific recruiting agency is a powerful ally that can create a pipeline of qualified applicants to fill your most important roles. They know your industry vertically and horizontally, and they have connections in their candidate pool that you’ll never find through online job sites.

At V20, recreational motorsports are in our blood, and we’ve turned our passion into matching employers with the perfect employees. We know this is a face-to-face business, and that’s why our recruiters are available to speak to you directly about your brand and hiring needs.

Our recruiters also have vast experience and contacts with some of the leaders in the world of recreational motorsports like Yamaha and Harley-Davidson. We see our best results come from building relationships with our clients, and that’s why we deliver candidates who are both highly qualified and well-suited to your company culture.

Contact our corporate line directly or reach out to one of our talented recruiters to start filling your critical roles with the best of the best.