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Find the Best Marine Service Technician Jobs in the US

If you’re like us, water is life. We want to work in and on it, then head out on a boat when we’re finally off the clock. It’s our passion, but the fact is, the marine industry isn’t for everyone—it requires enthusiastic employees with a lot of knowledge and skill to back it up.

That’s why getting a job working in the field is often easier said than done. Even with the current labor shortage giving so many job seekers more power and choice than they’ve seen in a decade or more, the best jobs with the best companies always have been (and always will be) highly competitive.

How do you stand out from the pack as a marine service technician and land the top positions in the business? We’ll help you identify the little secrets that can make all the difference so you can start a career at one of the best marine jobs in the US.

Make Sure Your Training Is Current and Employer-Specific

These two points are not just critical to doing the best work once you get in the door—they’re some of the most important factors for getting hired! You won’t get far if your skills are obsolete or not useful to a particular employer, and with constantly evolving products and technology, you’ll need to stay on top of training.

Since the mid to late 1990s, the initial training standard for new marine service technician personnel has been skyrocketing, so make sure you’ve kept up! For all-around training, there are a number of options available. Some of the more respected choices are grouped under the American Boat and Yacht Council’s Marine League of Schools. These tend to be one- or two-year technical degrees.

The specific school is not incredibly important, as your skills are the most valuable thing you take away from your training program. But if you have your heart set on working for a particular employer, they may have schools from which they prefer to recruit. It can be nearly impossible to know about this outside of general industry rumors, but if you are working with a well-connected recruiter, this and many more insider tidbits will put you ahead of the pack.

Even for people with a solid training and skill base, it might be useful to take time between employers or after hours to beef up your skill set, and your recruiting partner can help guide you. A good example would be brand-specific technical courses. These are often only a few weeks and will show an employer you’re serious about working for them—and that you’ll require less startup and on-the-job training.

Get the Certifications You Need

The American Boat and Yacht Council writes the standards for marine service technician jobs these days, and they offer online certification in a number of areas:

  • Marine Standards
  • Marine Systems
  • Marine Corrosion
  • Marine Electrical
  • Marine Composites
  • A/C Refrigeration
  • Advanced Marine Electrical

Marine Engines and Fuel Systems, and Service Management certification programs are in the pipeline and should be available in the near future. If you wish to take an in-person ABYC certification course, contact or 410-990-4460 (extension 4002) for details.

It’s important to keep in mind that these certifications are only valid for five years, after which you will need to be recertified. While there is currently a $275 charge to become recertified for a single certificate, if you are renewing multiple certifications in the same twelve-month period, the subsequent renewals are available at a discount.

You Need an Insider in Your Corner

Like it or not, you’re looking for a job in a market where up to 70% of open positions are filled without ever being listed on job boards, and as many as 80% go to candidates who are identified through personal networking or professional connections. Your best chance to become a marine service technician with the company you value most means having someone on your side who knows who’s making the real decisions.

A recruiter who’s well-connected in the industry will be critical for getting your foot in the door with the best jobs the US marine industry has to offer. You may be an expert at what you do, but a true marine recruiter is going to have a deep understanding of how they do their hiring. They’re also going to know who the people are who make the decisions, and they’ll be able to get your name on their desk instead of a generic company inbox. Finally, they can give you tips to get your resume on point.

Connecting with the Best Through V20

At V20 Recruiting, we’re passionate about the water and we’ve made it our mission to connect the top marine service technician talent with the best jobs in the US. Company President Douglas M. Sexton and top marine recruiter Tom Cassidy, Jr. have decades of experience working and relaxing on the water, and they know the marine industry inside and out. We’ve dealt with the real movers and shakers in the field for years, and that means we can help find you positions that you’ll never hear about on the open market.

That’s why we keep our roster of clients small—we take the time to get to know you personally so we can find the perfect positions for your skills and experience. We also invest in our clients with resume services, professional career advice, and interview coaching. And because our relationships on the employer side of the equation are deep, we not only connect you with the top-paying jobs in the country but with companies that share your ideals so you’ll have a great working experience.
You can contact V20’s main office with any questions, or reach out to Douglas or Tom directly. We’re ready and waiting to get started on the marine service technician career of your dreams!