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Talent is the fuel for your business

How do I find the right recruiter for my business?

The most important asset companies have is talent. Talented individuals drive company performance, build the culture and drive revenue in so many ways.

So, how do you find the right recruiter for your business? When thinking about the answer this question, ask yourself – “What does the ideal candidate look like for the position I need to fill?”

Looking at a firm that specializes in the same industry as your organization probably is the best way to find the firm that makes the most sense.

V20 Recruiting specializes and focuses on the industries we serve – Marine, Powersports, RV, Outdoor Power Equipment and Firearms.

There are thousands of recruiting firms out there. Many of the large firms out there have hundreds, if not thousands of recruiters working within the firm. Typically, these firms are focused on volume and not as intensely focused on particular industries. A firm like V20 is based on relationships and a deep knowledge of the industries we serve as well as taking particular care to understand client’s needs like no other.

If your company is focused on doing research for a specific medical ailment and you need a data scientist that has experience in this area, you are best served by researching recruiting firms that focus on this part of your industry. It just doesn’t make sense to partner with a firm that has no earthly idea what it is that you do.

A big reason you hire a recruiting firm is to save time. You do not want to have to spend hours bringing the recruiting firm or the recruiter up to speed on what it is that you do. Partnering with a firm that specializes in your part of the business is a no-brainer. Most times the recruiting firm can augment the inside knowledge your organization has regarding the industry.

Human Resource personnel within most organizations wear many hats. There are daily challenges for them to meet and sometimes recruiting takes a back seat to the day-to-day needs of the business.

The best recruiters and recruiting firms are Market Masters. Many times, they have “been there done that”, or at least have intimate knowledge of the industry they serve and the competitors within the business. Recruiting the right talent – the best talent, is a very time-consuming task and partnering with a recruiting firm that truly understands what it is that you need in terms of talent can be a great way to find the best person to bring aboard your team. A firm like V20 Recruiting spends 1,000s of hours and a lot of capital capturing and organizing candidates within the industries they serve. They have a direct connection with many in the industry and even understand what adjacent industry talent can make sense to bring in to some clients.

Investment in talent – the investment in people, is the single most important item of priority for most businesses. Focus on this part of your business and it will pay dividends.