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How to Successfully Apply for Powersports Industry Jobs

If you’re looking to advance your career in the highly competitive powersports industry jobs sector you need all the advantages you can get. It’s a thrilling and fast-expanding field, and because of that, a lot of people will be looking to break into the business along with you!

So, what do you do to get noticed? How do you get lifted out of foot-thick heaps of resumes so the right people see you? You need to know what employers are looking for, build your profile with the training and experience to fill their roles, and make sure your materials make it to the people who are pulling the trigger.

It can be difficult to know if you’re on the right track when you’re pursuing powersports industry jobs, and a dedicated recruiter can be your best friend. Here are some of the key points they’ll drill down on to be successful when you’re on the job hunt.

Get the Right Training

The powersports industry encompasses a wide range of vehicles that all require very specific knowledge to sell, service, and customize. For any job you’re looking at, you’ll need to know exactly what the company specializes in and the extent of the services they offer. The training and work experience you have in those areas should be front and center on your resume, and you should pursue any training opportunities that will increase your value as an employee.

Sales Roles

If you’re looking to do sales or office work, previous experience in face-to-face customer service is a must. Personal watercraft and four-wheelers are pricey investments, and sales managers aren’t going to throw a rookie into the fire. Large industry players like Kawasaki may even require you to be trained through them, and completing these programs can be both a natural on-ramp for employment—or an instant disqualification if you don’t.

Maintenance and service

For mechanical or aftermarket modification work, either formal training or an apprenticeship program is probably going to be necessary to demonstrate your qualifications. If you have independent experience, a portfolio will detail your accomplishments. As with sales, many big companies have in-house training so you can integrate with their larger business model.

Polish Your Resume to the Nines

Your resume has, on average, just six seconds to catch the eye of someone who can change your life. It should be structured for maximum impact, and needs to deliver the the following:

  • Craft a great statement of purpose, and place it in the top third of your first page.
  • List your relevant experience for this job, not all experience. Credentials aren’t impressive if they don’t apply and eat up valuable space!
  • Avoid embellishing—stick to the facts and expect them to be checked.
  • List relevant skills or experiences that support your employment history.
  • Demonstrate that you are an effective problem solver. Describe a situation that came up at a past employer, detail how you fixed the problem, and explain what the results were.
  • Show employers you know how to communicate. This starts with proofreading the resume and making sure there are zero spelling errors. No partial credit here.

While resumes aren’t everything when applying for powersports industry jobs, they are an essential part of the process. Make sure yours is in tip-top shape, and a dedicated recruiting partner can help you dial it in and shore up any holes.

Get Your Social Media in Order

More and more often, employers are screening candidates’ social media sites for disqualifying content. Powersports industry jobs are no exception. Plan on employers digging through your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) pages to make sure you’ll fit their corporate culture.

Go back through your accounts and take the following steps:

  • Scan for photos and posts that even remotely deal with illegal activity, drug use, politics, racism, sexism, nudity, crude humor, etc. These things have no place in the workplace, so when applying for a job make sure your profiles are spotless.
  • Check your likes and personal information. Screen for the above items and remove as necessary.
  • Trim your friends lists, especially if they engage in the restricted list items above. Guilty by association may not be fair, but it can still cost you a job.
  • Build up your industry-specific social media connections! Like/friend individuals and business profiles in your field, interact professionally, and re-share their content. It shows your passion for the industry and a willingness to learn more.
  • If you have a professional website, add it to your social media accounts, especially your LinkedIn page—employers double check resumes here, and it’s a great opportunity to let them get to know you and your skills better without being pushy.

You Need an Insider in Your Corner

No matter how amazing your resume is, you can’t rely on it alone to lift you from the middle of a stack. In fact, given how competitive powersports industry jobs are, sometimes the final candidates are picked before resumes are screened. You need to have an insider in your corner who knows the business and has the connections to find those positions and get your name in the mix.

That’s where V20 comes in. We’re a powersports recruitment agency that has deep contacts with all the heavy hitters in powersports to make sure you’re under consideration when the real decisions are being made.

Our recruiters aren’t working in volume, either. We take the time to get to know you personally as well as the companies we recruit for, so we build the close relationships that allow us to provide the best matches for employers and candidates. We don’t deal with tens of thousands of resumes like the big job websites—our reputation is built on finding the right people for the right company and closing the show.

V20 also offers resume assistance, interview skills coaching, and relocation expense assistance through our partner Global Mobility Solutions (often at little or no cost to you). We’ll help get you in the door and off to a great start on your new career.

Our powersports industry jobs recruiters are waiting to hear from you! You can directly reach out to specific recruiters through their personal email and cell phone (click on their picture on our V20 powersports page), or contact our head office to get connected today.