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Jobs in the RV Industry

Great Jobs in the RV Industry

There are some jobs in this world that just boil down to pure passion, and people who are drawn to the freedom and luxury of RVs often find themselves wanting to make the lifestyle a career as well as an adventure.

However, as you know from the many days and weeks you’ve spent cruising the countryside, there are a lot of people out there who share your enthusiasm—and some of them will be competing with you for jobs in the RV industry. To get your foot in the door, you’ll need to differentiate yourself from the pack in more ways than one, but without some expert help you may find yourself spinning your wheels but getting nowhere fast. Online agencies are often impersonal and don’t have the kind of industry-specific knowledge it takes to make a memorable impression with potential colleagues, and it can waste money and time you just don’t have.

That’s where a dedicated recruiting agency can make a world of difference. They’ll help you dial in your resume, put the right foot forward, and connect you with opportunities that match your skills, personality, and interests. Here are some of the specifics about jobs in the RV industry, and what you should know about them to make your profile a standout.

Understanding the Industry’s Core Metrics and Values

The RV industry has always been on the leading edge of the recreation industry at large. There are currently 11 million households with at least one RV, and they present their owners with extremely dynamic and diverse lifestyle possibilities. From day excursions to permanent living on the open road, these vehicles are embraced by fishermen, hunters, digital nomads, boat owners, motorcyclists, and active participants representing every corner of the powersports and pleasure-seeking communities. Ownership is up 60% over the last two decades, and emerging markets with minorities, women, and younger buyers are continuing to drive new sources of revenue.

To serve this diverse and dynamic market requires a workforce of nearly 680,000 dedicated employees creating an annual economic impact of $140 billion, and opportunities for jobs in the RV industry will increasingly seek applicants with highly-specialized knowledge and skill sets. Unlike many other recreational sales positions that are relatively specialized, standouts will need to be prepared to communicate with customers who have vastly different interests.

Finally, after a spike during the COVID-19 pandemic, RV sales in 2023 are down 49% as gas prices continue to increase and the need for isolated recreation is fading. That means there will be fewer jobs available in the immediate future, and employers will be looking for candidates who clearly stand head and shoulder above their peers. The ability to tailor your resume to the needs of specific employers and connect with your most promising opportunities will be more important than ever even for highly-qualified candidates.

Specific Roles in the RV Industry

Depending on your specialty and desired income, a career in the RV industry can be both challenging and rewarding. Here are some of the key roles employers are looking to fill, and what you should expect to bring to the table.

Service Technician

RVs are complex vehicles that are built for rugged use, but like any machine they require regular servicing and repairs to stay on the road. A skilled RV technician is a highly sought-after commodity, and there is a huge demand in the current market. Depending on location and experience they can easily command salaries upwards of six figures for senior-level positions, and for those starting out the career offers tremendous opportunities for upward mobility and growth.

States like North Dakota and Indiana have both the highest percentage of RV technicians per capita as well as some of the best employee compensation packages anywhere in the nation, and attractive outdoor destinations like Colorado, Washington, Utah, and California all offer competitive salaries and significant employment opportunities. That being said, you will be expected to demonstrate a broad range of technical skills for a wide range of recreational vehicles; RVs can be extremely luxurious, and the best candidates will need to demonstrate they are constantly familiarizing themselves with the latest technology.

Sales Associate

If you’re pursuing a career on the sales floor, you will be in a position to make an excellent living if you are a talented communicator and highly knowledgeable about your inventory and customer base. Sales associates typically make 20% commission on the net profits of a sale, but your take-home number is extremely dependent on the type of RV your dealership is selling. Lower-end vehicles can go for as little as $40,000, but the most luxurious models can easily top $1.5 million depending on the amenities and degree of finishing.

To compete for the top sales jobs in the RV industry, candidates will need to be intimately familiar with not only the specifics of every RV on the lot, but the types of customers who might be in the market for one. That means nurturing a deep personal connection with your leads to guide them through selecting and financing what is sure to be a major investment. Additionally, many dealerships tend to attract clients with specific interests based on factors like geography and state-specific attractions, so you’ll need to have a clear understanding of what a particular dealer might be looking for in a candidate.

Management and Leadership Positions

If you’re interested in pursuing leadership roles in the RV industry, you can expect to make five to six figures a year plus benefits depending on the dealer and their location. They also offer great potential for career development, so your options and salary are likely to increase over time. These positions include marketing, acquisition, and general management roles that typically require significant college education in the field, with industry experience being highly preferred.

Any candidate for one of these core positions will need to have an extensive background in the big-picture market dynamics that govern RV sales in their area and for the industry at large, a profound understanding of relevant economic factors, and the ability to make predictions based on data analysis and evolving consumer trends.

More than perhaps any other employee in the RV industry, applicants will need to demonstrate that they are both excellent fits for highly-specific business needs, as well as exhibiting exceptional decision making and people management skills.

Connect with the Right Recruiter For the Job

If you’re passionate about recreation and looking for jobs in the RV industry, you can’t rely on generic volume platforms that have no industry experience and don’t care about you personally. You need a dedicated partner who’s just as invested in the space as you are, and V20 Recruiting and Consulting is committed to connecting the top applicants with the best jobs in recreation and powersports.

We’ve got decades of experience both within the industry as participants ourselves, and as recruiters connecting employers with the employees they need. We know what it takes to succeed, and we’ll work with you personally to make sure your resume gets into the right hands to power up your career in the RV industry.

Let our expertise work for you—connect with one of our recruiters today and set your career in RVs on the open road.