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motorcycle dealer jobs

Top Motorcycle Dealer Jobs

For folks like us, there’s just something about motorcycles: the chrome, the smell of fresh leather, the roar of a well-tuned engine—it’s the epitome of freedom. We love that motorcycles give us a chance to escape the ordinary and express our independence. But people like us aren’t satisfied with a weekend ride; we want to turn our knowledge and passion into a career.

Finding solid motorcycle dealer jobs can be tricky when you’re first starting, but it’s a competitive space even for experienced workers. A lot of top-level hiring is done by word of mouth—meaning if you walk in off the street, you won’t be starting on the sales floor on day one. That’s why knowing the requirements and responsibilities of each job can help you map a path to one that elevates your passion.

We’re breaking down the top motorcycle dealer jobs, what it takes to get hired, and why you should go after them. Let’s find out which role is right for you.

Motorcycle Dealership Sales Specialist

Selling motorcycles is the primary goal of a dealership, so they tend to hire as many salespeople as the business can handle. Often, these jobs don’t call for a lot of experience, and you could start based on a simple love for motorcycles. A good knowledge of parts, terms, and the brand’s lineup will definitely help you out, though.

Sales reps spend most of their working hours with customers, guiding them through the purchasing process and helping them understand their options. You should have a winning personality, visible confidence, and active listening skills. Dealers look favorably on candidates who are strong communicators both via email and on the phone. But, most importantly, you’ll need a great work ethic because the hours are long, days off can be scarce, and most of your compensation may come from commissions.

What makes this one of the best motorcycle dealer jobs? For starters, the pay can be impressive if you can close deals consistently. Some full-time sales roles at motorcycle dealerships also include health benefits, a 401(k), and paid time off. There’s also room for expanding your role by moving into management positions.

Motorcycle Dealership Technician

If you’ve attended a technical school to study motorcycle mechanics, you’re probably already familiar with this role. For those without the knowledge, this job is off-limits due to how specialized its duties are. Technician roles tend to be divided into different responsibilities, which vary from shop to shop. You’ll typically see jobs calling for A, B, and C techs, covering discrete areas like fluids, engine repair, and diagnostics.

While you may be tempted to apply for this job without attending a technical school, you should know many dealers have certification requirements and they’ll want you to prove your expertise with documentation. Apart from investing in tuition, you’ll also need to supply your own tools as well. With that upfront cost, it’s clearly not a specialization one enters into lightly. So, what makes it one of the top motorcycle dealer jobs?

Technicians are a precious resource these days. By cultivating your skills and knowledge in this field, you’re giving yourself job security and guaranteeing excellent pay. Technicians can make as much as sales team members (and possibly more), and they often receive a generous benefits package. Senior members of the shop or specialists can command even higher wages.

Motorcycle Dealership Logistics and Operations

Roles on this side of the business can involve anything from accounting to running the dealership as the GM. These positions ensure smooth daily operations, keeping tabs on financials and ensuring quality customer service. Jobs in this realm usually require more experience, though it’s not uncommon for folks in sales to eventually transfer here.

Many of the business-focused roles in this area demand a firm grasp of accounting concepts, so a relevant college degree and an MBA are expected. Similarly, management positions tend to emphasize familiarity with the brand, business processes, and experience in related positions.

Why is this one of the top motorcycle dealer jobs? If you have the credentials to qualify for a management role in operations, you’ll enjoy a generous salary and excellent benefits. But a dealership position in logistics and operations offers one thing other industries can’t: you get to work with motorcycles every day, sharing your passion for freedom and the open road. Even if you’re mostly in an office, you’re still expressing your enthusiasm for these independent machines.

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