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What Powersports Industry Decision Makers Are Looking for in Job Candidates

It’s hard to know what hiring committees are really looking for in an applicant. It’s not uncommon to receive zero feedback from interviews, so there’s no way to improve your applications. It can start to feel like a lose-lose scenario fast.

Is there a way to find out what the secrets are? What about the intangibles considered beyond skills and qualifications? There can be a big information gap between candidates and the top employers in the powersports industry, and without the right guidance, even a perfect fit can be lost in the shuffle.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! At V20, we’ve placed hundreds of candidates in top powersports industry jobs. We know what it takes to get ahead, and we’re going to tell you exactly what hiring teams are looking for.

Choosing Your Career Path

There are several different roles that may appeal to you in powersports, and although it’s a niche market there are plenty of incredible machines you can focus on. Whether it’s watercraft, motorcycles, ATVs, or snowmobiles, you’ll likely be able to follow your personal passion when you’re building a career.

Within those areas, there are several types of roles to consider, and each employer will be looking for specific information from those applicants.

Maintenance and Repair

If you’re going to be one of the hands-on people who service or build the heavy toys we all love to play with in the powersports industry, make sure you’ve acquired the general skills and certifications required for each job you apply for. This should come in the form of a clear work history, relevant certificates, and a track record of solid employment in the field. It’s also important that you have shown some staying power during the course of your career, no matter how long you’ve been in the industry. Job-hoppers many times don’t even get a chance to talk with employers about awesome opportunities.

What’s not so important is ticking every single box a particular employer is looking for. What matters is that you are a worthwhile investment for their business, and that’s where companies really depend on their recruiter connections. A new hire who isn’t reliable and hungry to advance is an expensive mistake—but an up-and-coming go-getter who just needs training and solid mentorship can be the best investment they ever make.

Because of that, industry-specific recruiters with excellent reputations will work with talent like you for free to find out if you’ve got the right skills and attitude to be a great hire.

Sales, Management, and Clerical Applicants

Sales applicants should have a successful history in sales. Not necessarily in the powersports industry, but automotive, retail (especially commission retail), or another relevant sector is a must. A college degree in business or management is also not required, but it looks good—and will help open doors down the road if you want to climb the management ladder.

Clerical staff should display competence with industry-standard computer programs, platforms, and apps that are relevant to the position to which they are applying. Degrees or certifications in your chosen field (accounting, HR, etc.) are also helpful, but not explicitly required if you have experience.

Management aspirants would do well to earn at least an undergraduate degree in business or marketing, but again, in many of these roles, employers don’t view it as necessary. What they really want to see is a long track record of success in your current role, the desire to work hard in a managerial position, and a deep knowledge of the powersports industry from the sales floor to the back office. A key component will be looking at your experience in “the process”. “Process” is the new demand. Successful dealerships develop or adopt processes in order to be successful, and this important fact needs to be top of mind.

Recruiting partners are particularly important for those seeking powersports management positions because they can see through the resume and identify a great investment with a stellar career trajectory on an intrapersonal basis.

Creating a Standout Resume

The average resume screener spends between six and fifteen seconds looking at your resume, so it has to pop. This goes double for the powersports industry because it requires employees who are both experts in the field and enthusiasts in their own right.

This is why connecting with a professional recruiter can be key—these insiders know the people who make decisions personally, and they can tell you exactly what they want to see.

Here are some of the most important details to consider when crafting a resume:

  • Different employers are going to be looking for unique skill sets, so don’t just print and send.
  • Keep details about your skills and qualifications specific, punchy, and to the point. No extra fluff.
  • Include your full name, address, and one email and phone only at the top. If you have a LinkedIn page and/or a professional website, list the URLs.
  • Follow it with a profile summary (qualifications summary/career highlights). Keep this brief, a few sentences at most. Your profile should display why you’re the right fit for the job using industry keywords and short, powerful statements that give qualifications and personal value. Remember—a resume isn’t a job description. Don’t just list what you
  • were responsible for, but how you helped improve the business. Take a look at the V20 Resume Guide.
  • List formal qualifications, skills, and work history. Use numbers and statistics as often as possible to quantify your value.

Finding a Powersports Recruiter Who Can Make the Difference

Powersports industry employers know that when a recruiting partner recommends a candidate, they’ve got a top contender. This is where V20 Recruiting can give you a leg up. Not only do we have a solid track record of finding only the best candidates for employers, but we can get our clients into the hidden job market

That’s because we take the time to really get to know our job-seeking pool as well as our business clients. Employers trust us because of our track record of connecting them with the best, and we’ll help you with resume services, career advice, and interview skills. And, of course, we don’t charge you anything to get you on our books and open up networking opportunities. We’re career builders, not just job finders, and having great candidates like you is our bread and butter.

Reach out today so we can help you find the powersports role you deserve—and get the interview you need. Contact our corporate offices, or call one of our powersports industry recruiters to supercharge your career.