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Maritime recruiters

Discover Top Talent with Maritime Recruiters

No one knows better than you that the maritime industry is incredibly specialized and requires unique talent and expertise. Finding the right people can be difficult, especially if you’re relying on gigantic job websites that cater to every industry under the sun.

The fact is, recruiting has become a much more competitive prospect than in past decades. Good positions across the powersports and recreation industries are limited, and it’s increasingly common for excellent marine prospects to apply across multiple sectors. The best of the best may be dying to work for your company—but without a recruiter who can connect you, it’s easy to lose them.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to work with maritime recruiters who have the expertise and experience to find passionate, highly qualified candidates. With the right partner, you’ll always have strong prospects for your most critical positions.

Look for a Great Track Record in the Industry

Making a name for yourself in the maritime industry means working with enthusiasts in all aspects of your transactions. People who love the outdoors are passionate about their watercraft and pay close attention to every detail of their gear.

Everyone you hire needs to combine that love with a deep knowledge of the products and services available to deliver what your customers are looking for—and that starts with a recruiter who knows exactly what to look for in a candidate.

Make sure the partner you choose has extensive experience hiring people for the marine industry. Their team will have worked in the space themselves or have a long track record of personal recreational experience. If a recruiter doesn’t speak your language on your level, there’s no chance they’ll be able to distinguish a top prospect from a bust.

Smaller Agencies Will Give You Their Undivided Attention

43% of companies waste money on bad hires because they need someone now. The marine industry operates 24/7, 365 days a year, rain or shine. If you don’t have a pipeline of qualified prospects and a recruiting agency that’s ready to move on a moment’s notice, you may find yourself stuck with whoever walks in the door.

Smaller agencies who work with the talent and employers directly are best positioned to find you the ideal candidates when you’re back is against the wall. 89% of talent indicated being called by a recruiter would make them accept the job faster, which means your perfect hire may not be waiting around for you long.

Look for an agency that will talk to you directly, find out exactly what you’re all about, and tailor their hiring to your needs. Marine workers are a special breed—even company-to-company culture differences can mean the best candidate for your competition might be a bust for you.

And make no mistake: you cannot substitute volume for quality. Big companies like ZipRecruiter and Indeed can get you a pile of resumes fast, but you’ll be wasting hours of your time vetting candidates and conducting endless interviews trying to find someone a dedicated recruiter would have separated from the pack right away.

The Best Recruiters Pair Candidates and Employers

Maritime recruiters who find the best talent actually work with their candidates to make sure they’re ready for the jobs they’re applying for. A dedicated marine industry agency isn’t going to give you a resume from someone who looks good but won’t end up being a great fit. Recruiting is an end-to-end process, and success is about placing employees in positions they’ll want to keep for years to come.

Also, when maritime recruiters take the time to invest in their clients and their success, word gets around. More great job seekers come to them, and they develop connections on both the employer and employee sides that allow them to operate efficiently and precisely.

The best candidates are often the ones that you don’t know are out there, and a solid recruiter will have the depth and database to get the most qualified resumes into your hand, not your inbox.

V20 Knows the Maritime Industry

At V20 Recruiting + Consulting, our maritime recruiters have been connecting top-tier candidates with the best employers in the marine field for years. The best companies know us, and they rely on the candidates we recruit for one simple reason:

We deliver the best prospects every time.

Our superstar maritime recruiter is Tom Cassidy, Jr., a self-confessed water lover who’s turned his passion for people and performance into a career. Even the president of our company, Douglas M. Sexton, has spent three decades in the marine industry working his way up from the bottom to the top—it’s why we know every aspect of the business and what it takes to fill any role.

V20 can help your company overcome recruitment problems with top-notch communication, personalized service, and attention to detail. We’d love to chat! You can reach out to our corporate offices if you prefer, or call Douglas or Tom directly to start finding the best candidates for your business.